31st annual conference of the european assotiation of international education (EAIA)


The Conference, which is the key event for international education, was held in Helsinki, Finland, on September 24-26, 2019.

The conference proceedings comprised topics on challenges to international education, innovations in internationalization (inclusive education, strategies, joint programs, digital development in academic mobility, etc.)

Over 6,000 representatives from universities of 100 countries participated in the Conference (HSE, MISiS, MGIMO and other members of the 5-100 Project). Dr. Zabotkina, RSUH Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, spoke on the subject of joint education, internationalization, conducted a series of meetings with RSUH current partner universities as well as with potential partners (Florida International University, US, Karabuk University, Turkey, University of Jaipur, India). She also participated in the presentation of the platform Mobility-Online, a European online platform for electronic documentation management for academic exchange. She also discussed possibilities of expanding RSUH international student body with representatives of recruitment companies.

Dr. Zabotkina negotiated an agreement for RSUH to join the international consortium of international double degrees (CIDD).

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